well, people keep asking where my art gallery is.. dammit, i don't have good enough art to bother with a gallery!  and isn't there enough humorous material on the 'Net to give you people something to laugh at? ^_-  but because i'm tired of being asked, here's a bit of a collection...

pics are sorted by what they relate to: my various roleplays, stories/fanfic, or fan art.  the links open into new windows, so deal with it. ^_-  thumbnails coming some time when I have nothing better to do with Photoshop.

- Malchia
- Project: NOAH
- Andelis Mournegaine
- Mara d'Andrade
- Vincent Valentine - head shot
- Vincent Valentine - full shot

I'm pondering posting the numerous tiny lil scribbles I have for most of my RP characters.. anyone give a damn and want to see them? ;)

Nenais'u e'Kime'o'sye ("Caged Bird")
    - priestess costume
    - military costume
    - gratuitous feathery nudity
    - cosplaying as...?

Mara d'Andrade ("Zokumei no Fuhon'i"; more ZnF pics at that gallery)
    - desktop image (i call this kind of art a "songpic")
    - with a gun for once

Devin Mercure ("Deviation"; more pics at the cast page)
    - spellcasting

- never-quite-finished Shermie (King of Fighters)
- Remus Lupin and Sirius Black as students (Harry Potter)

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