Halo, or Vincent Unmasked, 11/2002

Hmm, this was something new for me in several respects...  First, I hardly ever draw more than one person in a picture; interaction and correct proportions are annoying if not downright difficult. ;P  This is Mara and Vincent Valentine of Final Fantasy VII (that's the sort of fanfic Mara's from) in a rather bizarre pose that came to me while listening to this song (more on that in a sec).  It's rather hard to tell in a static shot, but Mara's supposed to be pulling that mask down from Vin's face.

The song is "Halo" by Depeche Mode, from the album Violator.  This is the first time I've tried a songpic, and man, it wasn't a very ambitious attempt ;)  I have grand plans for a series of these tho, all tied together by the theme of chains or shackles and the like.

As for the coloring, it's flat on purpose.  My coloring really sucks, but I figured I could handle this ^_-  It's supposed to be all stylized and stuff, but I think I had only moderate success because my inking's rather poor.  Getting better all the time, but still poor..

In a random note, this is the only one of my pics I've ever liked enough to make my desktop background!

- close -