Andelis Mournegaine

Doll: Customhouse Lain
Faceup: limited by Hakkun
Arrival: 11/21/2006
Birthday: September 28 (Libra)
Default Hair: black
Default Eyes: blue

Trying to use little Yrien to portray my D&D bard, Andelis, only revived my love for the character, and prompted me to try to seek a proper 60cm shell for him. This led to a frantic hunt where I wavered between the likes of Dolkot Ryu and the Volks School C mold. Finally, an inquiry into the new Customhouse Zero mold led me to Lain, who somehow, while looking very little how I imagined Andelis, captured me completely. There was, luckily, someone looking for a new home for their Lain on DoA, and so Andelis came quite swiftly home.

Andey's rapidly gone from being a tentative test-of-concept to one of the most spoiled folks here, and that's saying something. But his personality and his looks demand to be clothed well and then photographed and appreciated accordingly...


Andelis spent his childhood in slavery, but after being freed by his last master, he's fulfilled his longtime vocation as a minstrel, traveling the land and spreading the gospel of his goddess Sune, a deity of love and beauty. While he is kind to all, and has touched many hearts, few people know him on a deep level. He prefers to be as a beautiful strain of music passing through people's lives, lifting spirits as he goes.

As one might expect, Andelis is the one usually in the role of (gentle!) seducer, but recently, he's met Amadeo, a bad boy who's got him quite turned around. Which one will rub off more on the other? Time will tell...