Devin Alberich Mercure

Head: (1)KawaiNino Ando; (2)Dolkot Kiss, modified
Body: Volks SD13 pureskin boy
Faceup: (1a)PrincessMaker, (1b)hisuida; (2a)Dollmore custom, modified
Arrival: 4/5/2005
Birthday: 10/27 (Scorpio)
Default Hair: Dark Blonde
Default Eyes: Blue-gray

For quite a while, I resisted trying to make dolls of my roleplaying/fiction characters, partly from hearing others' stories of dolls rearranging their personalities to suit themselves once they came home, and partly because I imagined it would be difficult to capture something that existed as thoughts and emotions in such an engaging physical form...

But after a while, I started thinking over and over of making Devin and his love interest Allistair into dolls.. the photoshoots I could do with them, and so on... So I began to look for a good facial candidate for Dev.  The KawaiNino Ando at Gigglegeek's helpful site hit me like a 2x4 to the head.. with gray-blue eyes and slightly darker hair, that WAS Devin.  So, with a little reluctance, I decided to look for the elusive Ando, who was created by a single artist working alone, and was rumored to be limited to 50 pieces.  Lo and behold, the day after I shared this plan with a friend, a customized Ando appeared on eBay.   With help from another DoA member, who was willing to purchase the body, I put in the bid and brought Devin home. I was so happy that he was perfectly content to *be* Devin.  He didn't look precisely as I imagine Devin to look, but the attitude was all there. A subsequent custom faceup, and then a new headmold entirely, has come closer than ever...


Bookish, reclusive and ill-tempered, Devin sometimes claims that he aspires to be a hermit. This isn't as ridiculous as it sounds; being a formally trained mage, he comes from a long, proud tradition of scholarly hermits. Because of certain incidents in his past, he has honed himself into a lethal demon hunter. However, he is not usually one to shoot first and ask questions later, giving apparently "dark" creatures like vampires a chance to speak for themselves.

Speaking of vampires, Devin's current romantic interest, Allistair Douglas, is one of the legendary blood drinkers, though they're working hard together to find a way to change that... Devin's other constant companion is his guardian angel Luciel, who has watched over him since he was a child.

Detailed character information about Dev, as well as several stories of his career as a mage, reside in his office.

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