Ellis Hargrave

Head: Kawainino Ando
Body: Dolkot Kiss Faceup: custom by hisuida
Arrival: 3/3/2006
Birthday: August 16 (Virgo)
Default Hair: red
Default Eyes: gray/violet

Born on a whim, this Ando/Kiss hybrid gave me a way to keep one of my favorite headmolds in the house, even if the character he had been had moved on to a different form. The fit of the Ando head on the Kiss body is astoundingly good, and the resin match is spot-on. It's like destiny!

Weirdly enough, since the Ando and Kiss faces look moderately similar (at least, they do at the time of my writing this), Ellis makes an interesting "cosplayer" for Devin's father Eilan. That mysterious fellow may show up from time to time...


Ellis runs a small used-and-rare book shop; this serves as a cover for his more profitable business, magic books and artifacts. He is a mage one year Devin's senior, and since their teachers were friends, they've known each other for many years.

The quiet mage-merchant is probably one of the few people Devin considers a friend, and likewise, Ellis does have a fondness for the prickly mage (who happens to be a steady customer).

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