Nicholas Gavriel ("Gavrie") Flynn

Head: Volks SD13 Isao II (Haute Doll edition)
Body: Volks SD13 Sweet Dreams Lucas
Faceup: Volks default
Arrival: 3/5/2005
Default Hair: Black
Default Eyes: Hazel

Isao (the first edition, for anyone keeping score) was pretty much the first big doll that I saw and coveted.  I saw him in a Volks newsletter after ordering some small Dollfie stuff, then flinched at the price tag... and decided that the bigger dolls just weren't necessary.  Fast forward to 6 months later, after having one big doll already (Joshu)... I found an Isao head for sale and immediately jumped at the chance to get the dear boy that had first made me stop and stare.


Unfortunately, this spur-of-the-moment purchase didn't work out in the end... I think perhaps because I hadn't given Gavrie as much thought as the others in my little resin family.  He's gone on to a new home now, where he's making someone else very happy. ^_^


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