Joshu Avram Laurent

Doll: CustomHouse Ai Sram
Faceup: (1)CH default; (2)Exquisite Mods
Arrival: 1/10/2005
Birthday: 6/22 (Cancer)
Default Hair: Black
Default Eyes: Blue

When I fell for the big dolls, there were two (attainable) boys in particular I wanted.. CH Sram or Cerberus Project Chiwoo, because they were both very... moldable. They both can be made to look like anything you like, very easily. At first, it looked like I would get Chiwoo, since he was cheaper, and fit more "standard" sized accessories, but someone at Den of Angels was selling their unmodified Sram, with clothes and wigs, for a bargain price... And so Joshu came to live with me. Needless to say, I'm quite happy with my choice. ^__^

Joshu's a nice, quiet, shy boy. He's evolved from a sort of "romantic" gothic look to a more modern, punky-cute style, but his personality has remained the same, now enhanced by his new faceup.


A gifted young violinist, Joshu makes his way through the world with a little smile. Underneath the formal, classical musician, however, is a pretty average 18-year-old who likes Audioslave as much as he does Mozart. Currently, he's rather deeply involved with the composer Daniel Renard; stories of their time together are recorded at the Conservatory.

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