Doll: Cerberus Project Mini-Fee Chiwoo (Beauty White)
Faceup: eLuts default
Arrival: 2/13/2007
Default Hair: silver
Default Eyes: ice-blue

In one of those swift attacks that seem to come over me with the smaller dolls, I found myself really wanting a Mini-fee, most specifically a Chiwoo, a mold I've always loved in its larger form. Coming up spontaneously with his strange backstory, I went ahead and followed this urge, bringing home the little waif in about a week (Luts was being very quick at that time).

He was very cute and engaging, but in the end, I wasn't really making a place for him in my crowd. I think now that part of my desire to get him was the anxiousness during the wait for Amadeo, who arrived less than two weeks later and stole a lot of Kel's thunder. While the character Kelveled will remain in my fictional universe, his shell has gone off to a home where he was very much wished-for. ^_^


Kelveled, whose name means "King-breaker" in the faerie tongue, is the entity of Devin's sword. That is, Kelveled is the sword, and this small boyish form is the sword's personification of itself. Kelveled was forged with a single purpose, and was given to Devin in order to accomplish it. The mage, however, as of yet has no real idea of what that purpose might be...