Leda Evelyn Valentine

Doll: Cerberus Project Dark Elf Soo
Faceup: eLuts by request
Arrival: 3/7/2005
Default Hair: White
Default Eyes: Green

It really wasn't much of a contest when I was trying to decide on a girl-doll... most of the Volks girls just didn't appeal to me (I now blame this on less-than-fascinating default makeup), and the CH girls, while lovely, just seemed too strongly Asian.  I had a personality in mind, and needed a sharp look to go with it.  In addition, she was to be Joshu's lady-friend, so that knocked more mature-looking girls (like CP Lishe) out of the running... leaving Dark Elf Soo, she of the elegant expression and lovely ears. ^_^

Leda's a fashion chameleon, going from camo cargo pants one day to a Middle Ages gown the next, but she wears it all with the same sense of sauciness tempered with grace.


Leda's gone on to a new home now, where she was long-wished for and is hopefully bringing smiles. ^_^

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