Mara Allegra d'Andrade

Doll: Dream of Doll/Dream of Teens Black Shall
Faceup: (1)DoD default; (2)hisuida
Arrival: 1/7/2006
Birthday: 7/2 (Cancer)
Default Hair: black
Default Eyes: bright green

For quite some time, I didn't even think getting an appropriate Mara would be possible; as a character, she has somewhat dark skin, and tan dolls were so hard to obtain for so long. I would have eagerly done a sunlight FCS for her, but none of the available heads seemed appropriate. So I figured that was one dream that just wasn't going to fly and went on to evolve my boys.

Then the Dream of Teens were announced and displayed, including the (surprise!) tan limiteds. The pics of the tan Shall just fired my imagination, and I was determined to bring one of these statuesque girls home to be Mara. After a long wait for the sale, a frantic scramble to actually purchase her in the small window when she was available, and an interminable wait for her to arrive and a dash of aesthetics, I finally had my Mara. She's the oldest of the characters here, and having her in tangible form is almost unspeakably awesome. ^_^


Although she's existed in several different continuities, Mara's basic background remains the same throughout. She is from the setting of Final Fantasy VII, and is the younger sister of Cloud's friend Zack. After being caught pickpocketing, she was blackmailed into working for Shinra by putting her bad habits to use as a Turk. When she made the mistake of offending Rufus Shinra, she was given to Hojo to be used in his experiments. Given that her physiology was very similar to her brother's, Hojo went through the same procedures he had used on Zack, which gave Mara enhanced physical abilities, very limited telepathy and glowing green eyes.

This version of Mara has ended up on Earth (or more appropriately, the reality that our Earth is in...) remembering nothing of her past, and currently works for a psuedo-military/international police/peacekeeping agency alongside her fiancee Sean Reeve, who has his own mysterious origin.

Mara is cheerfully sarcastic, with a bit of a devil-may-care attitude, but she's quite capable of being deadly serious. Her martial expertise lies in throwing blades, though she's no slouch with a handgun, either.

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