Most of these photostories focus on the prose background of the dolls... with the exception of Joshu, they all have their origins in my writing and/or roleplaying, and Joshu has joined that universe as well.  The writings involved are archived at the Levalier House.

Some of these photostories may reflect actual bits of storyline; others may simply take place with that universe, at some unspecified time. Others are completely outside of continuity [OOC] and are labeled as such.

The Crowing (Devin)
By Your Side (Devin/Allistair)
Uses for a Bed (Devin/Allistair)
Don't Lose My Number (Devin/Allistair)
Every You, Every Me (Devin/Allistair)
The New Roommate (Devin, Luciel, Allistair, Erran)
No Escaping Gravity (Daniel/Joshu)
Enjoy the Silence (Devin/Allistair; WARNING: nudity!)
Parting Ways (Devin, Luciel, Allistair, Erran, Sulien)
Inheritance (Devin)
Coming Undone (Devin)
The Scholar and the Bodyguard [OOC] (Devin/Allistair)
Dangerous (Daniel/Joshu)
May You Find Some Comfort Here (Devin, Luciel)
The Priest's Retreat [OOC] (Devin/Allistair)
Family Discord (Devin, Eilan)
The Romantic Prince [OOC] (Devin/Allistair)
Traveler's Tales (Andelis)
Accommodations (Andelis/Amadeo)
Sacred (Andelis/Amadeo)
Measure Twice, Fold Once (Andelis/Amadeo)