Sevris Mournegaine

Head: Volks SD16 Amelia
Body: -in progress- (currently borrowing SD13 boy body)
Faceup: Studio Dink
Arrival: 5/18/2007
Birthday: April 1 (Aries)
Default Hair: black
Default Eyes: blue

Sevris's creation was one of those serendipitous things that sometimes strike me in this hobby. I had encountered a mold (Oceanmoon's Shou-Ryu) that reminded me strongly of Andelis, and made me consider bringing his long-lost brother back into the storyline and the doll realm. I then started an indecisive doll-hunt to try to find the right embodiment for the character as I imagined him to be.

I finally settled on a face I coveted -- SD16 Amelia, as a boy. Thanks to elegant mods and a smoldering faceup by Studio Dink, the older Mournegaine is a match for his brother in the charisma department.


Sevris is Andelis's older brother, four years his senior. The two of them were sold as slaves to different owners when they were children, and had not seen each other for almost twenty years when they were finally reunited. Though they have grown into quite different people, their dark hair and distinctive eyes mark them clearly as brothers.

Sturdier and more martially inclined than his brother, Sev is a city guard, protecting innocent folk from troublemakers with true dedication to upholding the law.