Doll: Angelregion Little Fair Natural Tanning Jade
Faceup: Angelregion default
Arrival: 11/14/2005
Default Hair: black
Default Eyes: dark blue

The other half of my mini plan, Sulien was ordered at the same time Erran was purchased. I decided that they would be contrasting "twins", one light, one dark, one warm, one cold. Sulien was my first tan doll, also, so I was somewhat apprehensive about how hard he might be to upkeep, but I've had no difficulties thus far.

Sulien has a very different look than his brother, sharp and glaring rather than soft and sweet. The two of them serve as an excellent example of the different possibilities in a single doll sculpt.

Sulien's returned to the Spirit Realm for the time being. I hope he continues to bring inspiration to those he meets. ^_^


The water elemental (undine) to Erran's fire, Sulien is the older twin and feels a certain responsibility to keep his brother out of trouble. He is quiet and not entirely friendly, but he's by no means malevolent. Erran's interest in humans is a bit of a mystery to him; he'd much rather watch weather, as the myriad minute forces at work there fascinate him.