The Nightmare Gets Bent,  4/2004

So... demi-Chaos.  Horns, wings, tail, claws, and let's not forget the pointed ears.  (He also has purple skin and fangs.)  And yes, there are supposed to be two wings -- this pic was mostly to get the idea across, and is barely a "finished" sort of thing.

Fans of sharp pointy things may note that Vincent's halberd is little more than a Bowie knife on a stick; I wanted something that was good for slicing and thrusting, and usable in the air; a polearm seemed to fit the bill.  Also of note, Vincent's strappy clothing is made of black material.  (Is it leather?  I don't know.  You think he'd go for it?  Tough cotton would be easier to wear, but at least leather would offer a bit more protection -- not that he needs it.)

- close -