How to Order

  1. You might want to see my past work to get an idea of the kinds of things I'm able to do, but if you want something that is totally different from any of those, don't be afraid to ask. ^_^

  2. Email me with your request/inquiry/idea. At the minimum, I'd like to know what color scheme you'd want — metal (gold or silver) and color(s) of beads and such to be used.

  3. I'll get in touch with you about the details of your request, so that I can determine a price and to make sure I have a good understanding of what you want.

  4. Once details are agreed upon, I'll buy materials as necessary and begin work. I'll keep you posted on progress with pictures to make sure all is proceeding in the right direction.

    I would also like to know if you're willing to let me post photos of your item on this site as an example of previous work. If you aren't, that's fine. ^^

  5. When the item is finished, I'll show one final set of pictures. If you are not satisfied, I'll try to work with you to make the appropriate adjustments, but if significant rework is involved, I may charge a small fee.

  6. When you're satisfied with the finished product, payment is due. Once I've received it, your item will be shipped. ^_^