Services & Pricing

Materia Garden provides costume jewelry, from the everyday to the fantastical, for Asian ball-jointed dolls in 60cm size. (We can also take other sizes of commissions, if measurements are provided.)


  • I use a wide range of materials, most frequently glass or base metal beads.  If you would like specific materials and/or colors used in a commission, I'll fulfill the request as best I can, but please be aware that this may cause the price to increase, particularly if you wish to use precious metals (such as sterling silver or 14-karat gold).


  • For the time being, I'll be working solely on commission, with occasional auctions here and there. ^_^;
  • I will accept commissions of varying levels of detail, from "something in silver and blue" to a very specifically designed sketch by the customer.  In all cases, I will work with the customer on selecting materials if necessary, and then show several points in the progress of the piece to ensure that it meets expectations.


  • The dolls I have to use as models are:

    Customhouse Sram
    Customhouse Sleeping Jin
    Cerberus Project Yder
    Dolkot Kiss/Volks SD13 pureskin boy
    Kawainino Ando/Dolkot Kiss boy
    Volks SD13 Tsukasa Konoe
    Dream of Teens Black Shall
    Customhouse Lain
    Volks SD13 (long leg) F-31 boy
    Volks SD16 Amelia/Cerberus Project Senior Delf boy

    If the doll you are commissioning for is not close in size to one of the above, I can't guarantee that everything will fit perfectly ^_^; Any measurements you can provide may be helpful, especially for head sizes.


Prices are dependent on complexity and materials.  These are by no means set in stone; I'm pretty willing to talk things over.  I also accept trades!

Bead necklace $10-15
Chain necklace $10
Earpieces/earrings $10-15
Headpieces $10 and up
Bracelets/hand-flowers $10-15
"Elemental"-type sets $30 and up

All domestic orders will be packed in a gift box and shipped in a bubble envelope or Priority Mail box, with Delivery Confirmation service. International shipping rates vary widely; please email me to inquire.

USPS First Class $2.00
USPS Priority Mail $5.25


  • I accept payment via PayPal (preferred; credit card or balance is fine) or by postal money order.
  • Payment for commissions will not be charged until the item is complete, unless a large amount of material must be purchased; in that case, I may ask for half of the payment in advance.
  • Please be aware that if I complete a commission and you do not make arrangements to pay, I will probably auction the piece to recoup my investment. ^_^;