Just a flight of fancy. Think "Lady Kayura" meets "Taki".

Moonlight in the break between the trees
And bamboo clicked together in the soft breeze of the night
The girl appeared from nowhere; she seemed to be
Only a figment, a ghost, of the young man’s dreams.

A cloud of darkness cloaked her—
Her hair, black and darker than
The inky shadows of the trees.
With a life of its own it waved about,
Erasing the girl from view—
But the young man was quite sure
Her sight was not obscured…

Flowing in the soft wind with her hair
Was the loose fabric of her clothing,
Patterned with flowers,
And rustling like the quiet leaves around her.
A golden pendant round her neck,
Glinting brightly, stealing light from the moon,
Bore three red tassels;
They swung back and forth in the breeze
And attracted the eye to them,
So that the watcher did not see
The more deadly parts of her costume.

Pulling his eyes away from her necklace
The young man saw the tell-tale hilt
Behind her shoulder—her sword,
The steel instrument she played so well—
Making melody and harmony of blood,
Her own special variant on music,
And just as lovely…
Dance to music, dance with sword.
The young man stared, frozen by her eyes.

Those green eyes, bright as leaves,
Hard as emerald,
And revealing nothing.
The pale perfection of her face—
No smile, no frown, no furrowing of brow
As she slowly drew her weapon
And leveled the blade
Towards the young man’s heart.

He closed his eyes and prayed
A few last words to some god
As the death-dancing angel of his demise
Stepped forward to claim his soul…