Inspired by a few different things...which I tried to wrap all together.  It makes no sense, I'm sorry.

How can you presume to
  know my mind?
A certain unknown country
  to which I have no map.
Do you really understand?
It's like a mockery of my
  own inability to light this cavelike darkness.

Where does it lead, the
   dancing flame of your lantern?
I followed it blindly for a while,
  glad only for something to follow.
But it seems like a will o' wisp, leading
  unwary travelers astray.
Where am I now? Lost
  again, in the sickly swamp of my
    own self-doubt and anxiety.

What would you call love?
How can the ethereal be defined?
Is it why we do these things that
  we can't quite understand?
Who should you exalt -- your
  lover or yourself? Whose
    happiness is your goal?
How do you define it?

What is friendship? Only a
  different kind of love, maybe stronger.
Friends keep strength and
  support us when we slip and fall
    into the mire of mind and memory.
They withstand any storm of
  confused emotion and stand by, waiting
    for a chance to give their help.
Love indeed, by any definition.

But where am I now, having
  stepped off of any known road and
    into this wilderness?
Lost again, lost blindly, and
  who shall find me now?