For ___

In my journal the initials of this person are written out. Think I'm putting them here? Surely you jest.

It's dark without you here.
The lonliness sets in, even though
I'm surrounded by people,
Many of them my friends--
But they can't chase away
The lack of you.
Couldn't you have stayed a bit longer?
Couldn't I have come a bit sooner?
But the answers were no
And I had to be content with waiting
Till tomorrow.
When you're here, everything's perfect
Even if it's really not...
You cried when I told you the bad news
And that hurt me
As much as it must have hurt you...
But after a short time apart
All sins were forgiven
And things went back to the way they were--
The way they were meant to be, perhaps?
But whether that's true or not,
When you're here, I see by your light.