Love or Lie

The style of this is a little different than my usual work, but I'm still into the power of repetition.

She hears him say "I love you"
  [hears without listening]
    almost every day.
How could he love her--
  so many flaws and troubles
    why settle for a blemished chip of quartz
      when he could have diamonds?
But how could he lie--
  every single day mouthing those words
    why would anyone play such a cruel game
      only to wound her?

A lie given in kindness
  is still a sharpened blade.
She smiles with her mouth
  but her eyes might be crying
    and what her ears have heard
      her heart ignores coldly.
You'd never hear her say "I love you"
  [say without thinking]
    as always, unsure of her reception
      insecurities crippling her heart.
How badly she wants to tell him as much!
But does he love or lie?