Minor Seventh

A little exaggerated but that's my prerogative...a bit of a slant towards song lyrics, although I have no intention of trying to set this to music.

you want to tie me up 
  and i don't mind (lost my mind) 
but are those chains of our odd pleasures
  or of your selfish need? 
they could be silk ribbons 
  and still be as restrictive. 

you want to worship me 
  and i don't mind (lost my mind) 
but we shall cast no false idols 
  of tarnished brass. 
that devotion which you give 
  seems, to me, undeserved.



you want to hold me back 
  and i don't mind (lost my mind) 
but what will you do with me 
  trapped in this rude cage? 
that jealousy is unbecoming 
  in such a naked state. 

you want me to worship you 
  and i don't mind (lost my mind) 
but i can't seem to give 
  the attention you're crying for. 
that attention is what i need, too 
  and i don't think you know.



you both want me to love you
and i don't mind (lost my mind)
 but you're forcing me to make a choice
that i'd rather never make.
the pain i might be causing you
is equalled by my own.