I don't think I've been this happy in a long, long time...

I've always been that way
Never really happy, something
    always lurking right beneath the surface
--The reflection of a non-existent shadow in the water--
Never reaching to the other side
    break the surface tension
Isn't a reflection
    only two-dimensional?

But everything's changed.
We met, and at last my fingers touched
    the surface of the water and broke through.
What was that shadow? I can't
    see it anymore, the spreading ripples destroy it.
Your love, the catalyst
    that gave me power to destroy the specter
--The ghosts of my past, a heart that died--
You hold me, I'm safe, I know you
    won't let me fall...
  won't let me leave...
I know you'll protect me from
    nightmarish shadows, and ghostly reflections.
I won't fear the water any longer, I can
    see below the surface now, and it's all
 incredibly clear.