Um.  There's a long story behind this (literally, a story! I just haven't written it yet), but I liked the sound of it so up it goes.

Just a subtle change
  between bright green and glowing blue.
Might you notice? 
  Mirrors can be darkened.
So confused, a most typical young one.
Your turmoil -- a playground for me,
  or something like a closet where I hang myself.
We cry, we lust, we hate
  tied together, our loves and despairs
    one tangled web
      that traps the spider.

See me clearly,
  my unclouded reflection.
Dance at my bidding,
  my most lovely puppet.
Let me hide.
  Didn't you love me?
Let me lie within you.
  Didn't you want this?
No pain now,
  I promise...
    I promise...
Let me teach you.
  Didn't you hate?
Let me speak your words.
  Didn't you call me?
Reach and touch me
  through the mirror.
I'm the veil before your eyes.