Poisoned Water

Sorry about the inverted grammar. I get weird. Frequently. (This crazy grammar, BTW, was inspired by Hepzibah of the StarJammers. Go read comics. They're good for you.)

Drank the poisoned water
    handed you to me
Not-bitter, it was,
    but sugar-sweet tasting
Wanted more and came seeking...
    ~One did mourn, if lost to me~
Looked in vain for sweetened water
    Found it not, where to search?
Thought I was addicted, did you not...?
Was, perhaps...but no longer.
Given up, the seeking of you.
Thought to stay with you as well--
    drink your poisoned water...
        like wine, or honey's sweetness...
But saw you would not stay
And returned to one who waited still--
    always had waited,
        always would, as well...
Happier there, stay with--
    in love.