Keywords:  coming out on top, beating the competition, being determined to succeed, feeling self-confident, looking out for your interests, getting your way, showing authority

Opposing cards:  Strength (Catherine Bloom), The Hanged Man (Heero Yuy), The Tower

Supporting cards:  The Magician (Zechs Merquise/Milliard Peacecraft)

Dorothy Catalonia

This assignment is a good fit for Little Miss Warmonger.  In its most basic meanings, the Chariot is a card of war and fighting, the things that Dorothy loves.  It stands for victory, ego, getting one's own way and "hard" control (in opposition to the "gentle" control of Strength).  Sounds like Dorothy, on the numbers.  Other meanings include presumption (yeah...she's got that) and arrogance (that too).  One additional meaning is Dorothy's dive for the controls when Milliard calls for the Libra to shoot at Treize.  For various reasons, Dorothy is quite appropriate as the Chariot driver, except for one thing--her team loses.


- the two steeds -- interestingly, in Dorothy's card the horses are the same color.  It is common for them to be black and white, and pulling in opposite directions.  Dorothy's horses do seem to be disagreeing on which way to go...

- the city in the background -- the walled city (shown as Cinq in the Gundam card) may be tied to the fact that the Chariot is assigned to the Hebrew letter that represents "fence".  Very iffy.