How to Read the Pages

The titles' foreign translations, clockwise from top left, are French, Spanish, German and Italian, the languages that occur commonly on tarot cards.  (You may have noticed that I used the French title for the Magician for Zechs on my splash page.  I thought "Le Bateleur" sounded more elegant than "The Magician", and if Zechs is anything, it's elegant.  French suits him.)

Each page has two pics, the Gundam card on the left and the Waite card on the right.  Here's a breakdown of the text info:

Name -- the name(s) of the character(s) on the Gundam card
Keywords -- some keywords associated with the tarot card, from Bunning's site. 
Opposing/Supporting Cards -- this information also comes from Bunning's site.  She lists cards that oppose the principles of the the card under review, as well as cards that reinforce those principles.

There will be some general information, from various sources, and in some cases an extended quote from Bunning.  Why paraphrase when you can't put it any better?

 Symbols -- these are a bit shaky and are gathered from all over.  Sorry if they're vague; I'm learning as I go along here, and there really isn't much information.

At some point I'd REALLY love to pull in the Qabala correspondences, but that seems a bit too deep.  Maybe some day...


"Keywords", "Opposing Cards", "Supporting Cards" and denoted quotes copyright 1995-2001 by Joan Bunning.