Well, welcome to my prose.  ^.^; 

Newest: Conservatory

The Conservatory - A branch off of the Office universe; tales of two classical musicians, a masterful composer/pianist and a young violinist.
The Office - A totally original set of tales about a really unsociable and fairly unlucky young mage, set in the present era.  If you're a fan of "Gravitation" or "Arcana", perhaps give this a try.
Untitled - a short fic written for (and about) Vincent's first birthday with Avalanche.
"Sameru" - My retelling of the awakening of Vincent.  Fairly short.
"Doufuku" - A short (as in, less than three pages) tale of the first time Vincent met Sephiroth as an adult. I am on a proverbial roll with FF7...  This story has been called "weird" and "creepy"...but I have to wonder if it's "good"!  Oo  Well, I like it, anyway...=P
"Zokumei no Fuhon'i" - While this seems to smack of Mary Sue, I have my justifications and reasons...=P  For some reason this fic has more "extras" than anything since "Caged Bird".
"Kifu" - A story about the CYS/New Faces Team from The King of Fighters 97/98.  This story probably gets the most comments and requests to finish; unfortunately, I just lack the inspiration... ;_;
"The Six Cranes" - Just a school assignment; a fairy tale. This is not a fanfic per se, but I liked it as a story, and, well, it got a good grade, too. Oo;

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