Name: Devin Mercure

Special Skills or Abilities: Devin specializes in paper curses (the oft-seen Post-It Notes of Death™).  He claims not to be a sorcerer, however, just a "specialist".  Some of his more common curses are used for: binding/paralysis, pain, rendering someone unconscious, electrical shock, demon banishing, inflicting blindness, acid burns, magic nullification and mind control, although the last two are quite difficult to use.  

Physically, he's agile, if not athletic.  After all, he's got to be able to maneuver to get those curses stuck on (though they can generally be thrown, the closer he can get, the better).  He doesn't know much physical fighting besides some very basic punches and kicks and blocking.

Background: Devin had been a street rat, a homeless orphan, for as long as he could remember.  When he was about 8 (he doesn't know when his real birthday is), a sorcerer picked him up off the street and took him in, claiming that he needed an errand boy.  At first, the boy did just errands, but in a short while he was showing active interest in his master's work.  The old sorcerer, by now a sort of father to Devin, began teaching him some basic magic, but Devin was most interested in the art of paper curses, and that became his specialty.

In time, Devin learned that his master has sensed his latent magic talent, and that was why he had taken him in.  He was happy in his vocation, until one day, not long after the 5th anniversary of his master's adopting him (his 13th "birthday") when demons came and attacked his master.  He was unprepared and outnumbered, and the demons killed him easily, taking his most valuable magical artifacts.  Devin witnessed the brutal murder, and was raped by several of the demons, then left bleeding next to the old sorcerer's body.

After the attack, the boy lost himself in darkness for a long period of time.  Months later, when he came back to himself, he could not remember what he had been doing.  He straightened himself out a little and grimly applied himself to learning more magic, in the hopes of finding the demons who destroyed his happiness and destroying them in kind.  Nine years later, he's slain many demons, but not the ones he's looking for...

Personality: Cold, abrupt, often rude.  He doesn't like to talk about himself, and is prone to bouts of sullen silence.  Besides suspicion, dislike and scorn, he generally doesn't reveal his feelings.  When fighting, he sometimes taunts his opponents, especially when he's in a desperate situation.

He doesn't seem to care at all for others, but that's a predictable distancing move on his part.  He doesn't want to have to suffer a crushing loss again, especially since the first one still haunts him.

Description: 5'10" and rather thin.  Blonde hair, dark blue eyes.  He generally wears jeans, button-up shirts (untucked) of some type or other, and his trusty black boots.  His ears are pierced with 7 holes in each ear, and he always wears the hematite cross pendant his master gave him.