Love Doujinshi?

Right. This is going to be a place where I post translated doujinshi.  Right now I've got enough sitting around that I can't take any requests longer than a few pages, but those I may accept.  ^.^ Find me legible scans, I'll see what I can do.

It is with great regret that I've decided to declare this site closed. I no longer have the time required for in-depth translation. I'll leave the current translations up, of course, but there will be nothing new unless I magically get some free time. =( Thanks to all who have visited and continue to stop by over the years.

Alrighty then! The English scanlation of "Earth Weapon" is up, and lo and behold, Raven's also done the scanlations for "Beast Is Red"... I'm being outrun here! =D  So those are up too. In other news, "Scarlet Phantom" is all scanned, but I'm still going over the translation a bit. Eeegh.

Er. Well, THAT was a bit of a break. ^^; Been busy with work, but over the summer, interest in this site seems on the rise, so I'm being (nicely ;) pressured into doing stuff again. In the immediate future, Raven's excellent scanlations of "Earth Weapon" should be up very shortly; also, I'm in the middle of scanning "Scarlet Phantom" by Mei-Q-Rondo; the translation is already 95% done. I'd also like to post a list of the doujinshi I own, to give people either a list to request from, or just to give an idea of what I have. (I may also offer things for sale there eventually.) That's enough to keep me busy for a couple of weeks, at least.

Blargh.. Still haven't done "Death and Rebirth", sorry folks.  STEAL dj's seem to be universally hard to translate. T_T  Real news though, I've just moved to a new host, so if you find any broken links and so on, please let me know! 

Hmm, been kind of busy. ^^; Actually just started translating a short doujinshi from a Guilty Gear XX anthology, hope to have that done soon... but scanning is another matter.  Nekokitty, if you're reading this, I DO have a copy of "Death and Rebirth", and why I haven't translated it before now I just don't know.. maybe it was because I had so much trouble with "Satan Impact". XD  Anyways, consider it on the list. =D

Currently up:
"Satan Impact" by STEAL
"Zacks Side" by Kaya Mochizuki
"Vincent Side" by Tagiri
"Earth Weapon" by Hitode-ya
"Beast is Red" by Mei-Q-Rondo
"Ryuusei-gun (Shooting Star Gang)" by Kouhii Monogatari

In the wings:
"Scarlet Phantom" by Mei-Q-Rondo
"Caduceo" by SWAT Kikaku
"Death and Rebirth" by STEAL
"Red Moon" by Mei-Q-Rondo

Out of school, out of practice, and too busy working... >_<  Translating takes a while when your crutch is the dictionary, and scanning...scanning sucks. ;D

Translation Conventions

If you look at the scans and think my translation is wrong, or just awkward, drop me a line and let me know; some of these are kind of rough, some have been approximated to a similar English expression, and some were just...really shaky. ^.^;;; Otherwise, enjoy!