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Sun Oct 17 02:06:08 1999 from
evil^kid @ Bully in the PlayGround

hi i'm not gay =(

Mon Oct 18 02:37:37 1999 from
Jared @ The NES Archives - Mistrust Flavored

To whom it may concern:

I would like to inform the webmistress of this site that I find her page very enjoyable and entertaining. I myself being a fan of the King of Fighters series am overjoyed and excited to see the use of KOF-related images, along with the KOF fanfic. I am also a fan of women and women that make web pages that I like, so therefore I am a fan of yours. In short, I find you very attractive and intellectually stimulating, and I'm wondering if you'd marry me. Pleaaaase? =D I'd do all the laundry!


Fri Dec 24 20:47:18 1999 from
Kim @ website

Andi-babi!Your site kicks ass. The colour scheming and all that neat designing stuff that I lack horribly. ^_^ Be on ICQ more often, darnit. I miss chatting with you! Happy Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years!-Kimmo

Wed Dec 29 22:19:33 1999 from
Evil Jared @ The Evil NES Archives

RARR! >=(Z) I'm EVIL Jared, and I'm here to cause havoc and frighten small children! WAHAHA, NOTHING you can do will stop me... except... I wouldn't be this way if I was loved! Please, someone, love me! LOVE MEEEE!!!! RARRR! BYE BYE CHUMPS! *steps on flowers*

Mon Mar 20 20:06:03 2000 from
Angel @ a.n.g.e.l. com

I like purple. =)

Sun May 21 02:26:35 2000 from
Gabriel @ Tekken Zaibatsu

I Prefer to abuse of the Aldus Photo Styler 2.0I am Capricorn, a maniac of anime and video games specialy Tekken and Marvel vs. Capcom. I work in a computer store as Salesman, realy like your poems,....... Nice page, ...By the way do you know where i can buy Space Aventure Cobra,?

Sat Jun 24 18:28:30 2000 from
Shizumaru @ website

I like to eat oatmeal and nacho cheese. Please send me money.

Mon Jul 17 14:59:30 2000 from
jeezumcrow @ website

lol, just read some of the post here, anyhow nice website. Its nicely down i feel. If you enjoy anime so much, was wondering if u had read any of these older comics, Nausicaa: Warrior princess from the valley of the wind, Laputa: city in the sky, Totoro, Kikki's delivery service, The Blue lagoon (cant remb if this is the right name ),Doctor Slump (done by the creator of dragon ball), Lum (very funny , created by the one who did Ranma 1/2, she is a female comic artist i think), City hunter, Crying Freeman. Greatest art work would be from the guy who did Nausicaa and Laputa, im not sure if he drew for Totoro or Kiki's delivery service, but it is done by his comic art company (studio?).

Wed Aug 2 10:39:32 2000 from
::nobody:: @ :P

Wow i just checked this out from the link in your email b/c i was curious...its quite a nice site! Ill have to do a bit more exploring after my vaccacion.. just wanted to tell you it looks great tho!ciao!James

Mon Jan 29 20:54:15 2001 from
Lady Une @ website

Wow...long time, no sign.

Wed Jan 31 01:58:07 2001 from
Jared @ Mistrust HATE

Yeah. For reals.

Wed Jun 6 00:25:41 2001 from
Sarah @ website

I loved the Gundam Wing tarot cards, and your interpretations of them! Thanks! ^_^

Tue Jul 31 14:52:26 2001 from

well, i have only been looking at your webpage since you put it up... needless to say, it is about time to add my commentary to it^_^;;;...would you teach me oh great mistress-sama? i am yours to command!!!!, meep^_~

Wed Sep 12 19:17:47 2001 from
Shadowless @ Rainy Nights

Ye Vincent dojinshi translations make me *very* happy. ^____^ Mweeheeheee...

Sun Dec 2 14:57:28 2001 from
one mad muggle @ website

It's about time to redo your page, isn't it? This format's been up for a while.

Mon Mar 18 04:48:45 2002 from
Damieon Z @ website

Nice page like it, very long time no see

Mon Aug 5 22:42:12 2002 from
Rebecka Nothing @ this is just my artwork page... the bird at the top will take you to the rest..

hello Andi. I'm a friend of Matt's. Your page inspired me a lot tonight hehe I'm now thinking of starting a page where the art is concentrated mostly on anime.. It gives me motivation to draw as I have trouble with graphics and thats why I seldom update my own page... It's a great idea the more I think about it. Anyway if you're willing to host another let me know most definately but only because your domain name is so wicked shit. You've all done a great job here just to let you know! I especially likes the anime tarots part.. But I wondered if there was a link to soem of your artwork I may have missed? Good job again! Thanks for the inspiration, im going to bed -_-'Becky

Sat Sep 21 20:59:29 2002 from
Aya Yuy; Perfect Soldier II, PSII (NOT PLAYSTATION 2! >_<)

I love your site, it's great. I first found it when it was just a page of poems for Heero. ^_^ I truely love it more now. Congrads on the way it's become and I hope you get a lot of 'hits' for the site.

Thu Sep 26 16:01:26 2002 from
Eeah @ Meh.....

Hullo, I can't remember how I found your site, but I'm glad I did. I love the art work. The tarot is awesome. I've kept you bookmarked, I'll be back again to see if you've done anything new. :) Ciao- Eeah*

Mon Dec 23 14:31:27 2002 from
Yuji @ website

Cool site yo. D00d I ain't gay but this seems cool. Keep at it d00d

Tue Mar 4 00:08:44 2003 from
Geneva M. @ Fevered Dreams

I really enjoyed your translated Final Fantasy Doujinshi. I've never found a well translated comic before. Great job =)

Sat Apr 5 05:58:42 2003 from

Just found your page and liked it a lot. ^_^ Especially the doujinshi scans... You don't happen to have a copy of Death & Rebirth, do you? It'd be cool to see that one translated....

Thu Jul 17 16:59:11 2003 from
Kari @ The missing page?;)

Hey Andi! Gosh...I can't believe I've never signed your guestbook! Your page is just awesome. Your translated doujinshis are the best. I love your HP and FF7 doujinshis the best. Erm...anyway,I love the layout. Heh. Update at your leisure;D We can be patient.::looks around at the other signers:: RIGHT?!;D -Kari

Sun Aug 31 08:38:27 2003 from
Katayoku no Tenshi

Your website is great! Thanks to your doujinshi translations I can finally read Satan Impact! STEAL are the best and I love the story as well as the artwork now. Thanks!!! Kata

Tue Sep 9 12:16:15 2003 from
Kitty-Ko @ website

Hey! If you're a hot guy, mail me!

Wed Dec 22 09:10:46 2004 from
soseng @ website

Frankly, I'm here coz of your FF7 doujinshi. Thanks!!!!!!

Thu Apr 7 19:09:47 2005 from
Vilaven @ The Page With No Label But This

Oi there Mistress, My name is Becky, and I've been in touch with you before this. I'm a friend of Matt Ruggieros' and again, I am looking for some web space (roughly 20 mb) if you have that not being used. You can click on my link to get to my current page though it's heavily under construction because i cannot please myself with it, I've had it so long now. I also, cannot seem to find a free server with a cool name, and your web site name kicks ass. Anyhow, e mails is up there too, so write me or add me to your MSN. I hope you'll oblige as kindly as you had. Becky

Thu Jun 23 16:05:34 2005 from
fiona @ website

hi i just found a link to ur site, this kicks ass. i read some of ur poetry too, its so good. what rly made me want to look at this was all the saiyuki stuff. saiyuki is my favorite manga EVER! k bye

Thu Sep 15 19:36:15 2005 from
baskerville @ wanderlust

Hi. I wandered in off an image search. And I just wanted to say thanks for having scanlations. The translations seem really good, too. Not that I'm any judge, since japanese may as well be martian to me, but its really, really nice to know whats going on. Thank you! Also: I wandered into your LJ and replied as 'scatteredgray'.