Amadeo Garivaldi

Doll: Volks FCS SD13 F-31 boy, sunlight skin
Faceup: FCS custom
Arrival: 02/24/2007
Birthday: December 28 (Capricorn)
Default Hair: white
Default Eyes: bright blue

With Andelis home, it was only a matter of time and money before I decided that his significant other Amadeo needed to be here also. Amadeo was to be stern, masculine and dark-skinned, not the easiest combination to find in the resin world where "tanned" dolls are usually limited. For a long time, none of the Volks Full Choice System (FCS) heads had interested me enough to consider them, but with the advent of the elf heads, with their more mature and realistic features, something to my taste finally became possible.

Ordering a Tenshi-no-Sato doll was exciting and nerve-wracking, but thanks to an excellent agent, it went perfectly, and after a bit more than two months, my assassin was home, looking better than I had dared to imagine. He's simply lovely and so perfect with Andelis; it's hard to imagine either of them any other way.


Amadeo is, without a doubt, a very dangerous fellow. He's an assassin by training, a member of a powerful thieves' guild and an operative of the church of the god Mask, the Lord of All Shadows. He is also a demi-human, with the blood of some supernatural evil being running in his veins, and is suspected by some to be a descendant of Mask himself. As such, he keeps his thoughts to himself, walks quietly, and carries sharp knives.

When fate (or meddling gods) brought Andelis into the assassin's life, though, things began to change...