Daniel Renard

Doll: Cerberus Project Yder
Faceup: Luts by request
Arrival: 11/12/2005
Birthday: 2/8 (Aquarius)
Default Hair: black
Default Eyes: gray/blue

Like Devin, Daniel began his "life" as a role-playing character. I spent a lot of time with him, in terms of role-playing, writing fiction, and so on, so I figured he was ripe for being embodied in resin form.

My first attempt at Dan was a Dollshe Hound from Tensiya, but Hound's size and construction proved to be a bit of a discouragement for me. After a bit more research, I decided on the somber CP Yder, and Luts — without me telling them about him — managed to portray Daniel's personality wonderfully in his faceup. In the end, I think I'm much more comfortable with Dan as he is now, and the delicacy of Yder is much more suiting to his personality, I think.


A world-class pianist and classical composer, Daniel hides a dark secret from the public, his friends and his family — he was turned into a vampire several years ago and has tried to maintain the illusion of humanity since then. He chooses not to kill, or even seriously injure if he can help it, and his incredible charisma (and good looks) help him to gently ensnare his victims. One of these spellbound victims, a young violinist named Joshu Laurent, learned of Daniel's true nature, but remained deeply infatuated with him anyway, and Daniel, in turn, was smitten with Joshu's innocence. They maintain a strange, but deep, relationship.

Daniel's stories are archived at the Conservatory. He and Joshu exist in the same continuity as Devin & co., but the groups have yet to meet...

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