Mara Allegra d'Andrade

Head: Obitsu 02 pre-rooted black
Body: Volks Dollfie Plus; later, Volks EB Beauty B
Paint: Apple Barrel acrylics ^_^;
Created: 11/05/2004

So... Mara's my first doll, after a few abortive attempts with a Dollfie Plus head. (Wig issues.. grr.) I'm pretty pleased with the job I managed to do with her face, but... it's not quite what I wanted. I think I made a miscalculation, using Obitsu 02 instead of 01, buuut 01 didn't come with black hair, so...

As is appropriate for a "fashion" doll, Mara enjoys new clothes, tho her tastes run more to the punky, Bohemian, urban chic and whatnot, rather than, say, evening wear...


(For more information about Mara as a character, go here.)

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