Doll: Orientdoll Il
Faceup: "Special" by Orientdoll
Arrival: 9/14/2006
Default Hair: white
Default Eyes: gold

At one point in time, I very suddenly wanted a small mature-bodied doll. Why? Who knows, really? But when I went looking, the sharp features and lean body of Il caught my fancy, especially with the somewhat glamorous Special faceup. When he came home, I found him quite fun to play with, almost more like a toy than an "artist doll", but with far more expressiveness and life than any fashion doll.

I had vaguely intended for him to portray a long-unused character of mine, but that fell apart fairly quickly. Instead, I decided to try to make him into Andelis, my Dungeons & Dragons bard. That made me want Andelis in a larger form (which came to be fairly soon after) Finally, while making tiny fur wigs, I brought out the aspect of Yrien that had always been there -- a little bright-eyed fox.


Yrien is, quite simply, an impish little creature. He's not malevolent, but he will go a long way for a good prank. Like many little fae, he might do you favors if you give him gifts... maybe.