The Cast

Okay, here's my gang of misfits. ;D  Of course, some of them haven't appeared yet, but they will.  That being said, one of these characters is a big spoiler by his very existence, so he's at the end.  Don't read his info if you don't want the spoiler. ;)  As for the rest, I've tried to keep them as spoiler-free as possible. =o

Just to be funny, I've had each character write the commentary on the character below him/her.  ...I'm bored, sue me. ;)  Parhelion wrote Devin's, and Sathiel's is just... by the omniscient narrator...ooooh...

Pictures are just bleah. =P  Maybe one day they'll be in color, but for now.. bah.  My coloring is even worse than my drawing. ;) If you aren't disturbed by the mere thought of dolls, I've recreated several of my characters as Asian ball-jointed dolls, which you can view by following the "doll" links under some of the sketches here.

Devin Mercure
Parhelion: "The leading man, being characteristically unphotogenic here.  Always unorthodox, he studies the art of paper-curses, which, I'll admit, are amusing, but they have their limits... He has a whole character sheet devoted to him, so as far as his personality goes, I'll just say that he's generally a bit of a jerk.  It's all a front, though.  Deep down I think he just wants affection, poor boy."

Luciel's halo
Devin: "I thought angels were supposed to be all goodness and light and crap like that.  Luce is a Power, an angel of the Fourth Choir, and he's constantly making me revise my idea of what an 'angel' really is.  For the most part, he's always so damn cheerful he makes my head hurt.  If he sticks around with me, though, I think one of these days he's just gonna drop that shiny-happy shit and kick some ass, and I wanna be there to watch."
Sikhander ul-Naga
Luciel: "When an entire clan of demons is afraid of their leader, you know said leader is not going to be easy to handle.  Sikhander is one of the most beautiful, devious, sadistic creatures I've ever encountered, and I rather hope to never meet him again."

Allistair Douglas
Sikhander: "Devin chooses his friends very oddly.  Or perhaps it's more that they choose him... though 'choose' may not be strong enough a word...  I rather thought Allistair had great potential, but he threw it all away for Devin.  What a waste."

Ellis Hargrave
Allistair: "Apparently Ellis is an old friend of Devin's — their teachers were friends before that. He seems like a nice fellow, calm and rational in contrast to Devin's reactionary brashness. A study in contrast, really."

Kezayed's halo
Ellis: "Kezayed is more of what I would expect a 'guardian angel' to be; perhaps as an Archangel of the Second Choir, he's not as strong of a personality as Luciel.  But he takes his job quite seriously, and I can't imagine Helene could want a better protector."
Helene Reinhardt
Kezayed: "Helene has been in my care since she began her studies of sound-magic several years ago.  Such a sweet girl... rather shy, perhaps, but that's no hardship for a mage...  Not too surprisingly, the only one of her physical senses that can detect my presence is her hearing.  It makes my work a little more difficult sometimes, but... it's worth it, no matter what."

doll (see: "Faerie Lord")
Helene: "One of the greatest sorcerers of legend, I happen to know he really exists...  Encountering an aura of that magnitude is like looking directly into the sun!  His personality is no less overwhelming, mostly because of his charisma.  It's just not fair for someone to be like that... I think he could charm a snake into tying itself into a half-hitch."
 ~~~~ spoiler character beneath this partition ^_- ~~~~


Sathiel's halo

Helene's second partner, Sathiel is an angel of the First Choir, a Watcher.  He has a great interest in music, and therefore was quite naturally drawn to Helene's work.  He is more withdrawn than most angels, but he and Helene understand each other quite well without needing to speak.