Zokumei no Fuhon'i
"Reluctant to Be Called a Rebel"

This fanfic has a few unusual (for me) features.  First is the concept of the soundtrack.  Each chapter has an associated song -- but you should read the chapters before reading the song lyrics, because the notes I wrote with the lyrics might have spoilers.  This and the chapter notes both let you see a little of what I'm thinking when I'm writing this stuff -- if you really want to know that kind of thing.

Chapter Titles:  The titles are plays (or direct pulls) of well-known titles, lyrics or phrases.  Don't write in to tell me I misquoted -- I did it on purpose. ^.^;  If anyone can correctly tell me where all the titles come from (except Henkei 2, that's a gimme), I'll give them...er...immense satisfaction at being clever?  ^^;

Illustrations:  Yeah...I tried to draw.  O.o; How embarrassing!  Anyway, there's a tiny gallery of some little character portraits.  Mock me not ^.^;;
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Vincent Gaiden: Henkei

The Vincent Side Story, called Henkei, is the tale of Vincent's past, as told by him, between Chapters 7 and 8.  You might be curious enough to read it without reading Zokumei, and you can, for the most part.  He is speaking to Mara, so there are some interjections as he breaks his narrative to address her directly, but the story he tells is independent.

Henkei is an interesting pair of characters whose basic readings are "different" and "shape".  Put together, they  can be read as "transformation", "metamorphosis", "modification", "deformity", and "monster".  All too appropriate for poor Vincent.

News flash, someone handed me a script of FF7 so I could check some facts (thanks Fox!!!), and I realized I had screwed up some stuff in Vincent's backstory.  So, Henkei 1 has been tweaked just a bit, and 2...well, 2 needed a major insert.  The original is still there, but the "corrected" version is up too.  They're exactly the same, except for the way Hojo gets a hold of Vincent...

Henkei 2 is tentatively rated R for, er... interesting content.  Go ahead and read it, just be aware that there's some questionable stuff there, and don't say I didn't warn you.  There's nothing really explicit.  Not to me, anyway. O.o;;;

Vincent: Henkei 1 Vincent: Henkei 2 (rated R?)
In-continuity version
Vincent: Henkei 3

Mara Sue?

A sort of essay (it's not very formal, but I've seen all sorts of things being called essays on the net =P) on why I hope Mara is not a cut-and-dried Mary Sue.  Should be read after the story!