Allistair Randall Douglas

Doll: CustomHouse Special Jin
Faceup: HeavyBomb (CustomHouse limited)
Arrival: 4/25/2005
Birthday: 3/5 (Pisces)
Default Hair: Platinum blonde
Default Eyes: Purple

Naturally, after embodying Devin, Allistair had to follow suit.  I seriously considered a CP El for a while... he was attainable and moderately inexpensive, and certainly could pull off a sophisticated vampire... but most Els I've seen have a mischievous look at the very least, and many have lovely little smirks.  A beautiful boy, but not my Allistair.  I gazed at the CH boys, wondering if they were too "Korean" in their general look, but then I saw some amazing repaints that proved how untrue that was.  Feeling a bit more secure with that, I decided to get Special Jin from Domuya... he had a soft, thoughtful expression that would probably, I thought, lend itself to Allistair's quieter personality.  Lucky me -- Allistair was the last Special Jin at Domuya, and perhaps #20 out of the 20 S. Jins made.  The obtaining of my boys has been accompanied by real luck, I think..

Sometimes I look at him and think his faceup isn't exactly how it could and should be for Allistair the character, but I can't bear to change it right now... ^_^;  He's lovely as he is.  He also has the amazing quality of bringing mood to every single photograph.


Allistair is a freelance photographer by trade. He had the misfortune of catching the attention of a vampire named Jason Garamond while on an assignment; Jason seduced him, lied to him, imprisoned and tortured him, and finally turned him into a vampire himself. Allistair suffered for months bound to Jason's will, but finally managed to make his escape one day, leading him right into the path of one Devin Mercure.

He appealed to the mage to try to help him become a normal human again. Curious as to whether it could even be done, Devin accepted the challenge, and they've been working on it since... Their somewhat similar pasts up until this point has drawn them together, much to Devin's chagrin. Despite his acidic nature, Devin is really quite shy (or perhaps "scared" is a better word), and Allistair has quite the task in coaxing the mage out of his shell.  He's certainly made more progress than anyone else, though...  He has the right combination of patience and empathy for the job.

Allistair shares prose-space with Devin at Dev's office.

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