Doll: Volks SD13 Tsukasa Konoe
Faceup: Pookie
Arrival: 6/4/2005
Default Hair: black
Default Eyes: silver

After bringing home Devin and Allistair, Luciel was the next natural choice.  Problem was, the doll that seemed to fit him best, while one I had always admired, was not the easiest boy in the world to get -- Tsukasa.  I finally got the opportunity to get his head from Yahoo!Japan and jumped on the chance. And I'm glad I did; I think of all of my character-dolls, Luce is the best match to the image in my mind.

The decision to use a CP body was a bit more serendipitous... I had wanted to try Devin on the CP body, but I found that it looked too delicate for his big ol' head. Since my angel didn't have a body of his own, I tried him out on the CP body, and voila! The smallish Tokyo Boys head was a great proportional fit for the slender body, and the resin match wasn't half bad. A strange hybrid, perhaps, but I find it works well.


Luciel is a Power, an angel of the fourth rank (or "Choir").  A broad description of his job might be "demon fighting", but more specifically, he is Devin's guardian, partner and friend.  He is a constant presence in Devin's unstable life, and while the irascible mage might never say "thank you", Luce doesn't mind -- he knows the sentiment is there.

Luciel appears in all of Devin's stories, archived at the office.

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