Lots...of links.  Well, not so many now, as I went through and tested them all...and about 75% were gone, haha, but more need to be added.  I don't surf the web much anymore so there's not a lot I feel the need to share, you know?  If you want a link from me, drop me a line. =o  These are grouped by category:

Personal homepages (includes artists' pages)


the name says it all!  A site of battle reports from popular PC games, mostly Starcraft.

Gamers Terminal
an index of LOTS of Japanese VG fansites.  JAPANESE ONLY!

this site is mostly in Korean, but the fan art is in English and worth the click.


A friggin' hysterical, completely politically incorrect daily online comic.

8-Bit Theater
Totally genius Final Fantasy humor... who knew?

"homestarrunner.net! It's dot com!"  Hilarious flash animations.  Must-sees include the "first time?" animation, Strong Bad email, and the "Everybody to the Limit" music video.

Personal homepages

Dreemlyte's Tower
site of a friend of mine from high school; enjoy the insanity!

Eisu's fan and original art and online manga!

awesome fanart and cool fanfiction by GlassShard.


sort of an online magazine about society these days.

the japanese <-> english dictionary server
great resource for translation, and for Japanese readers, there is a Kanji lookup utility too.