I guess this is my page.  I make no claims that anything here has any relevance to anything, it's just my thoughts. 

The only significant things to know about me are 1) I like anime, 2) I like video games, and 3) I like writing.  But you knew that already, right?

Well would you look at that, a random update. I now have a customize doll gallery of sorts at Still Lives. Check it out if you like that sort of thing, or perhaps even if you don't.

Update round-up... two new scanlations up in blackbox ("Beast Is Red", "Earth Weapon"), and a new chapter (egads!) of Deprivation is up as well.

Hmm... never mind on the Top 10s thing. Seeing as I really get tired of keeping up with them, and the fact that their non-numerical ranking kinda defeats the purpose, I'm having done with 'em. Don't think anyone's gonna miss 'em ;)  bitter glass has been updated accordingly.  Also added one of these bitchin' scrollboxes to blackbox, since it gets its own news, really.  And hopefully it will be getting some very soon...

Well, I was determined not to let an entire year go by.  How sad.  Another sad thing is that I feel like I should check my HTML out of CVS before I start working on it, hahaha.  How depressing.  Anyway!  Hopefully in the next month or so, some real changes besides this happy little box will take place.  The Top 10s need a bit of a touch-up, and thanks to Raven,  there will be some new English scanlations in blackbox.  Speaking of which, there's a new doujinshi coming up... as soon as I feel like scanning it... yay.  Almost progress!

I need to keep track of things better on this page, haha.  Anyways, some time in June we (Mistrust, that is) moved over to a new host, and some stuff was changed then, but whatever!  More recently, I've finally updated my damn Top 10s a little, and the Deviation stories up for perusal in conte.  One day, I shall post doujinshi again...

Heh...Man, it doesn't feel like THAT long since my last update, but, well, the journal doesn't lie.  Anyways, new doujinshi up in blackbox: "Ryuusei-gun (Shooting Star Gang)".  It's not a Final Fantasy VII dj *gasp*!  It's Harry Potter, specifically the Marauders, so if you enjoy that sort of thing, check it out.  Also finally got Rima's corrections straightened away.  Whoo.  >_<

Whee...finally put my ass in gear and uploaded "Beast is Red" in blackbox.. it's just a sweet story of Aeris trying to cheer Vincent up.  Also went ahead and reformatted all of the doujinshi pages to match the new scheme.. whee @_@  Next step, those corrections...

Well, here it is, my brand-spanking-new layout... and this time, it really is new, and not just an image overhaul.  This is my first time to have a good navigation system, go me.. =P  Hopefully, doujinshi additions and corrections will be coming along behind...

Bleh.  I've had 2 ideas for new layouts in the past 3 months, and have been unable to do anything about either of them yet, haha.  Ah well... There's a new translation in blackbox (Earth Weapon by Hitode-ya).  I have another story translated that I need to scan...  Updated two of my Top 10s...I still need to update my links, dammit. I'm such a bum.

God DAMN.  It wasn't supposed to be like this.  Anyways, minor updates... blackbox has been renovated a bit, and LunarBlade's "Satan Impact" English version is up there.  Upcoming (hopefully): updated Top 10's, new links (yay).. Don't hold your breath for a new look tho..

Hmm...I have a LiveJournal now...yay...it probably won't be updated all THAT much, but you never know...

Great googly moogly! I updated during the school year? A new poem's up in soulmirror, and I fudged around in bitter glass a little (the novel list, really).

Guh, been a while since I had the time to make an update...even though the stuff has been up for a while! New doujinshi translations in blackbox, and a new story in conte.

Remember way back when I was talking about translating doujinshi? (That's a rhetorical question, I dun really expect anyone to remember that. Oo) I finally did! so mdc/m has a new directory, blackbox. The first doujinshi translated is "Satan Impact" by STEAL, a SephxVincent.

Well, "Zokumei no Fuhon'i" is up in conte, tho I hope to be adding an image to the index page. Also have a new story! @_@ "Doufuku", a tiny little story about Vincent's first encounter with Sephiroth, is up as well. ^^; I also updated my links a little. I think that's about it. 

Guh. I was right -- at this exciting new job, I have no real time to do drastic web page redesigns, although I've been brewing a few ideas for the new images. I'm toying with the idea of a totally new layout, but I'm not sure what I would want to do.
Okay, so I didn't do the doujinshi translations like I said...;_; They take a lot of work for me! But I wrote and completed a Final Fantasy 7 fanfic. @_@ It will be posted as soon as I can make up a banner and title-image for it, which hopefully won't be too many weeks from now, haha. If you can't wait, it's here.

Updated my Top 10's somewhat. There's something wrong with the fact that I only update when I'm not in school. Many apologies to any who were waiting for an update. I'm considering what theme to use for my semi-annual overhaul... but since I'm going to be in a new office this summer, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to work on it. We shall see...
I'm also working on some FF7 (at first, anyway) doujinshi translations that I think I'll post, but that involves scanning the djs. Poor book spines ;_;

ooh, what's this?